Full digital collection







full length birth film



6-10 minute film

digital download



Full digital collection + full length birth film



add-on sessions | I currently do not offer these sessions alone, they must be in addition to a birth session.


Outdoor maternity session 

60 Min | 25-50 hand edited images in color + black & white | high + Low res | print release



couple's maternity boudoir

60 Min | 25-50 hand edited images in color + black & white | high + Low res | print release



newborn session

60 Min | 25-50 hand edited images in color + black & white | high + Low res | print release




 I am currently not taking any births in 2018. 



I encourage you to contact me early on in your pregnancy if you are interested in getting more information, simply fill out my booking form & I will contact you within 24 hours. Because of the unpredictable nature of birth, I can only “schedule” 2-3 births a month at this time.

When you contact me for more information, we will schedule a time to meet in person, where you can get to know me, ask any additional questions you may have, discuss my client contract, & make note of your labor & birth desires. At that time, I will hold your spot in my books for 24 hours. During the holding period you can either book your due date with me by paying the session in full or retainer, $475. I will have to give the next mother the spot if you choose not to book during the 24 hours hold. 

Once you have hired me as your birth photographer, we will stay in contact. It is helpful for me to hear how your pregnancy is progressing & how your appointments go with your care provider. After that point, I wait to hear from you that you are in labor. No matter if it turns out to be a false alarm, if it’s just Braxton Hicks, or if you simply want to talk, please give me a heads up. Earlier notice is always better than an unexpectedly quick labor and delivery & I miss the birth.

Depending on your package choices, I may or may not be seeing you again for more photos after your baby is born. You will receive your first image within 72 hours, and your image gallery will be uploaded for your approval within 6 weeks and 12 weeks for your birth film if you purchased a birth film. 

I am so honored & overjoyed to work with each of my birth clients, and to give them the best photography service possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!


"Katie is incredibly talented. She captured the birth of my daughter is such a magnificent way. Every picture was taken and edited in such a beautiful way, almost as if I was watching someone else's birth. I am so impressed with her and her professionalism and her sweet, kind spirit. She was a joy to have at my birth, even though it was the first time we had met in person. Having her there was like having an old friend there. She had wonderful words of encouragement, yet never interfered or took away from the experience. She was incredibly professional with the entire hospital staff, as well. She responds quickly and was the first of my birth team to arrive at the birth. She is wonderful and I could never have enough great things to say about her."

"Katie is truly talented! Her love of birth and talented eye makes for the greatest keepsake memories.We had photography done with our first birth, that were good, I knew I wanted to be able to look back and see what I experienced. What I didn't know was how amazing the experience of working with Katie would be. I decided 2 weeks before my due date I couldn't go without photos. I ended up going 9 days over our expecting date and Katie was kind and thoughtful checking in every so often to see how I was. She showed up the day of our daughter's birth and you wouldn't have known she was there. When I saw the photos I was so impressed with how much coverage she got without being "there" if that makes sense. She is great, amazing. Her personality is fun and so easy to get along with, her talent and her love of babies and birth will make you fall in love with not only her finished product of your birth coverage but her. She makes the perfect part of your birthing team. If you aren't sure about birth photography, embrace it! You will never regret being able to see what you missed out on while you were working with your little human to help them into this world. Forever grateful! Her newborn photography will blow your mind as well!"

"Katie!!! YOU are our dream come true. Thank you so much for being such a huge gift to my darling friends by photographing their home birth. Your images are remarkable. You captured the beauty and light in all of our family during this process. I am so grateful for you."

"When my midwife first asked me about doing birth photos I was very hesitant. I declined at first. I actually declined a second time but Alicia convinced me to do it. Katie arrived at my house shortly after my I had my water broken and was beginning contractions...sushi and snacks in hand! Not exactly the most comfortable time of my life to be meeting a new person, Katie was exceptionally friendly, positive, and comfoting. Just the type of enegies you want when your're going into labor. Even though we just met, Katie was holding my hand, offering words of encouragement, and trying to help me keep focused and remain calm. After almost 10 hours of labor she still came to the hospital when my home birth didnt work out. When I was ready to give up and begging for painkillers which I really DIDN'T want, she, along with my husband and midwife, were still holding my hand and cheering me on. I don't know why I was so hesitant about the photos becase they turned out awesome!! Way better than I ever could have imagined. Katie was professional and respected my wishes about what I did and didn't want photoraphed. I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out and will cherish them forever. She captured my little man Alex in the most beautiful way. Thank you Katie for sacrificing time with your family and mom visiting from out of town to help me become a Mummy and start my family. Matt, Alex, and l will never forget the experience and thank you for being such a welcome addition to our day. ***I should have let Katie shoot the whole process,not just after the birth. If you are hesitant like I was, don't be. Just go for it.***"