Why should I hire a birth photographer?

Birth is a beautiful and intense whirlwind. Many mothers find that after giving birth, they only have a few concrete memories of the experience. Birth photography allows mothers to see and remember all the big and small moments of their journey. The tenderness of your partner, the intensity in your face, the beauty in the struggle to hold on when everything inside of you wants to give up. And, of course, those first miraculous moments when you finally meet your baby.  There is something so powerful about reliving your birth experience. Like a wedding, a birth is a day you'll remember for the rest of your life. Having professional birth photographs can help give those memories more shape and power. 


When should I book with you?

Because of the unpredictable nature of birth, the immense amount of editing work afterward, and being a mom to two tiny tots, I can only schedule 3 births a month at this time. Please keep this in mind to reserve the time around your due date as early as possible! 


How far away will you travel to photograph a birth?

I will travel up to 40 miles away for a birth. 


Do you do offer any other sessions ?

I do! Click on the button below to see what else I offer!


How “graphic” will my photos be?

I am an extremely modest birth photographer in general. We discuss all of this at your client meeting, but from my experience, most moms like having some graphic photos taken at the moment of birth, but only modest photos are used in your slideshow and used in any online publication. We will talk about your preferred level of modesty & I will make note in your contract of specific things you would/would not like me to capture.


Can I be nude?

Of course, this is YOUR birth. However, I do suggest using some coverage. These are your images that you are investing in and have the intentions of sharing with possibly everyone on Facebook or just with your little ones one day.  Wearing a bra or bralette will keep you cool and classy. When it's go time for all your necessary skin to skin, I will help you remove whatever you choose to wear for an easy transition to kangaroo time.


Do you use flash during a birth?

I absolutely use flash during births. I absolutely do not flash it directly at my subjects. The light bounces off the walls and/or ceilings. I would not be the quality storyteller that I am if I didn't.  I find that moms who are investing a substantial amount in professional birth photography are okay with the lights being raised. If you know that you like to labor in pitch darkness, then I am not the birth photographer for you.


Will you be interacting with us at all during labor?

It all depends. In the time leading up to your due date, we will be in frequent communication to establish a relationship so that it does not feel like you have a stranger in the room. I believe it is essential for you to have your perfect, peaceful birth space with the least amount of uncomfortable or negative influences as possible. That being said, I am perfectly content to stand back in the shadows, but there may be times that we will have more interaction. I do not do any posing or adjusting, unless it is for modesty purposes, helping you to fix your hair if it has gotten a little crazy, or quickly getting a great first family photo. 


Can my spouse/partner/ mother-in-law/friend/doula photograph me while in labor?

When I was shooting weddings I always requested an "unplugged ceremony". Seeing the images of the bride and groom kissing from behind the crowd was the perfect shot, but then I could see the guests holding up their iPhones and iPads to capture the moment themselves. I was quick to make this a rule then, and after my first birth session, was quick to make it part of my birth photography contract as well. Let's make these images timeless and in return I promise to get you a few images to share within the first 48 hours. 


When should I call you if I go into labor?

As soon as you feel ANY changes at all, please give me a heads up! Even if it's possible that your contractions are only 10-15 minutes apart, I prefer to be aware and alert. I have two young daughters I need to find care for, and may need to move around my schedule. That being said, I will head to your place of birth when you are in active labor. Staying in constant communication is the best way to ensure I get there in time for your birth, while at the same time not hovering around you needlessly and making you feel like a watched pot. If you have purchased a photography and videography package, I ask to be there as early as possible to capture you on every bit of your roller coaster to come. 


What if my birth takes a really long time?

I’m in it for the long haul! I don’t want you to be worrying about how much you are paying hourly after a certain point. I do request taking a 15 minute break every few hours to check on my kids, step out to nibble of some food, and stretch my legs (all of this depends on your labor status. All packages include unlimited coverage.


How long do you stay after I give birth?

2 hours. I do charge $50 an hour If you request more hours on top of the 2. This would be ideal if you want footage of family meeting the little one. If you would like me to come back the following day you will receive 20% off the Fresh48 session. 


What if I require a Cesarean birth?

It is your responsibility to communicate with your care provider & to advocate to have me in the operating room if you wish. If it is an emergency situation, there is no time for communication, and I am not allowed in the OR, if possible I will hand my camera to someone who will be there so that they can capture the birth as best as they can, and I will resume taking footage as soon as baby has been stabilized and with dad.


What if I schedule a Cesarean?

I am overjoyed to be present at every birth experience, from home birth to scheduled c-section. Again, it is your responsibility to communicate with your care provider & to make sure it is okay for me to be present in the operating room. I cannot stress enough how important it is for YOU and YOUR PARTNER to be the ones to request my presence should you need to enter the OR. It is ultimately your doctor & the anesthesiologist who make the decision, and your request weighs infinitely heavier than mine. If you hire me for videography and photography I suggest myself showing up at you home before leaving for the hospital to capture more footage of just you two before your big moment. 


What if something goes “wrong” during the birth?

We will discuss this during your client meeting, but unless otherwise specified, and if the situation allows, I will continue shooting. If a loss of life occurs, post-birth photos will be put into a separate folder and saved on my personal computer until you request them, in case you are not quite ready to see them when they arrive. While hard to see, these photos may be very helpful during the healing process after a traumatic birth experience.


How many images can I expect to get?

Usually 100-200 edited images, depending on the length of your labor. 


What is the length of video I can expect to get?

4-8 minutes, all depending on the length of your labor & what you want included.


Will my photos be in color or black & white?

All of your photos will be come in both color and black & white versions.


Can I get copies of the raw video you take?

Sometimes it is great to see & the experience the raw moments I have captured for you, without any editing or music overlay. I take this footage primarily for use in your slideshow, but you can purchase a flash drive with 10 raw video clips on it, in addition to a personal file copy of your birth film. 


Are you going to post my photos on the internet?

You will make any decisions regarding publicity and marketing permissions during our client interview, and reserve the right to change your mind after the birth. Only modest photos will ever be posted. However, if you choose to keep your photos private, a privacy fee will be charged. I build my portfolio and receive subsequent business most of the time from my work published online following a birth.  If you would like to decide after your personal viewing of your video if you would like to keep it private, I only ask that you write me a separate check to hold onto in your file with your contract by 4 weeks before your EDD, and depending on your decision, I will either tear it up or deposit it then. 


Do you have doulas/midwives that you recommend?

Yes & please ask!


Do you offer payment plans?

I currently accept non refundable retainers of $475 to hold your estimated due date. Final payment due by the 36th week. 


Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes of course! What a wonderful gift it would be to receive coverage from a professional photographer at your birth! Until I have an electronic system set up, please contact me for more information.