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Hello, dear friends and family. 

I don't often splurge on things like this, but Mike and I have decided that it is a worthy investment and will cherish these photos for years to come. 

After the emergency C-section I experienced with our son Asher's birth, the photos that Mike took during and immediately after the surgery were essential and powerful for me in processing and accepting that scary and emotional experience. When I found out I was expecting another baby, birth photography was on my wish list. The main reason was so that Mike could be free to experience her birth without being behind a lense. When I saw this photographer's images, I was moved to tears and decided it was a worthwhile investment. I feel as though it will be important for me to have a beautiful memento of labor regardless of how this baby girl is born. 

Thank you for considering contributing toward our birth photographer costs. It is truly the best gift we could possibly receive!


Mike and Bethany 

So far your gifts have covered