The Fanatics

We woke up with a different type of blood running through our veins this Sunday, orange blood.

Some know, some do not, my husband plays football for the Broncos. It is a tremendous honor being able to be a part of his journey through the NFL. This is a peek at what our day looks like on that one day we all look forward to every week. It's game day in Denver and the Mathis household can hardly control our excitement. 

We are fortunate enough to have family in every so often, and this Sunday some of my husband's southern family members came to join in on the day's festivities (all while helping with the two munchkins, thank heavens!) Nothing warms my heart like a good southern accent!

We piled in my mom mobil and headed to Mile High Stadium. From the very moment we hopped out of the car, we all felt a rush of that contagious Broncos energy. The place was flooded with fans creating a sea of orange and blue, and just a sprinkle of purple here and there (#MINvsDEN.) Ila loves her cousin, or she loves the amount of lollipops he shares with her. 

Making it to our seats by kickoff is one of my biggest priorities. Every game it's like my kid is making his first appearance on stage for his first school performance. The National Anthem, Thunder II, parachuters, fireworks; all this leads up to the boys running out of the tunnel. To say the least, it's a pretty big deal and I refuse to miss it. 

Tbh, game day is the one day we all want to last forever all while wishing it would be over as soon as possible. Winning is important to us but getting Daddy home safe is our prime interest. 

We like to play around too, I mean, we kinda have to with two little ones on us.

The game was close. At one point Evan was getting more hyped than I've ever seen him. He was screaming at the crowd to make noise, stand up, and terrify the Vikings with our uproar.  His energy was contagious. 

That did it, fam. Broncos won, and I am incredibly convinced it has all to do with the crowds commotion created in that last minute of the game. We end our evening with a celebratory shoot on the field.  

(Getting a three year old to settle down during any shoot can be difficult. Most of the time, I just have to let them go and that's when I get some of my best images.)

Our day didn't stop there. We followed Evan out as he made sure to sign ever autograph request. What. A. Guy.

I don't think Ila minded to much either. She would follow Evan around, and made sure everyone knew that he was HER Daddy. These are the memories.

Needless to say, everyone fell asleep on the drive home. 4-0 can make everyone a little exhausted. 


or as Ila likes to say "GO HORSIES!"


“There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” Kenneth H. Blanchard

I am a true believer that you can always better yourself. I want less "behind the computer" and more "behind the camera". I've decided to balance my day out by shooting at least one activity a day. From taking a hike to with my kids & assistant to pumping some gas. This is something so near and dear to me that allows me more time with my family all while playing with different styles of shooting. Mini photoshoots of everyday me & mine.

Enjoy Mathis Brigade and Some



This 3 month old bundle of innocence was in no mood to sleep during her mini shoot, but no worries, she was just as thrilled to be in front of my camera as I was to have her!

(Can I just take this time to mention how absolutely stunning this momma is?! OMG)

Brennah & Steven

Sometimes in life you are fortunate enough to be touched by two people's adoration, appreciation and respect for one another. This couple was no exception. Steven and Brennah are so incredibly near and dear to my families heart. The duo is moving but we know we will still feel their love no matter how far they are from us.

Happy 3 year anniversary gang, you guys are an inspiration! 


My momma is something else. She has to be the nicest and most selfless person I've ever come to meet. I swear, this woman doesn't have a mean bone in her body. It's been a pleasure going through life with her by my side, and now it's even more beautiful that my girls are able to witness and learn from this angel in action. 

Let me add that this lovely lady is now a grandmother to 4! Congrats to my brother and sister-in-law on their first girl, MIA!! 

Me & Mine

The dates are set for our move to Denver. A few more weeks and we'll be right where we belong, back in Daddy's arms. Till then we will swim from sunrise to sunset, sing at the top of our lungs, get down on it, build castles, use our imagination like crazy, and take pretty photos of one another. Today we set off to a dreamy desert trail right behind our home in Scottsdale to capture this magical moment before it disappears. My girls & I. 

Photos curteosy of Adrienne Hobbs ( )


She's adorable, smart, genuine, incredibly friendly, and not to mention a fabulous hair dresser. And to top it all off, I believe she's going to be a fabulous mom too. Some girls have it all!

Brandi M.

With every client I have the opportunity of shooting I always find myself walking away with a new appreciation for this beautiful journey we call parenthood. This soon to be mother of three was no exception. Her beauty is beyond apparent but her spirit and maternal instincts need be bottled and studied for many would learn much from this woman. 


This woman will forever hold a special place in my heart. She is literally as sweet and kind as she is beautiful and photogenic. I met her just a few years ago, and we instantly became the best of friends. Of course, I would take any and all opportunities to capture her and her son in all their glory before adding a little girl to their mix.


Jenn & I grew up together and throughout our friendship I never once thought this girl could become any more beautiful, but BOY was I wrong. She is beaming in real life and I'm so happy I could capture her glow and love for her baby boy.


Jennifer is a beautiful mommy-to-be with a kind heart, sweet spirit, and the grit to get a little sand between her toes. She's not only stunning on the outside but inside as well. Jennifer is patiently awaiting the arrival of her baby girl, I know she's going to raise this child to shine and be incredibly genuine.

Brittni & Colby

Brittni, Colby, and little P are absolutely adorable and simply radiated in front of my camera. I enjoyed every minute of their family shoot on this summer night in California. I am so grateful to be a part of their family's journey!


Senior year officially started today for this lady, and what better way to start off the school year than a sunset senior portrait session? Good luck this year, Madi!


This beautiful girl was up for an adventure and I LOVE a human with curiosity running through their veins. Christina sees the beauty in what some would call trash. With her bravery and keen eye we created these colorful keepsakes for her sweet 16. 



It's been quite the adventure searching for the perfect location for my maternity clients. We live in Arizona and 90% of the landscape here is desert. There's something about greenery that makes the photo come alive and I'm please to say I've found my new favorite spot. Thank the Lord for this beautiful girl was up for this escapade tonight. The clouds were magical and she was  exceptional. 

Floral crowns made by me & my nocturnal 3 year old.


It was a pleasure shooting this momma's maternity photos, and an absolute delight meeting, cuddling, and drooling over her sweet new baby boy. Congratulations to this beautiful family!

Right before my time was up, a special gift showed up for sweet baby C, and we absolutely felt the need to photograph him in it. 


Flash flood warning two hours prior to our meeting time. Her first planned maternity shoot fell through because of the heat, and I prayed the weather wouldn't take this one too. Thankfully this mommy to be was down for a little rain, and by having such great patience, we were blessed with some sun near the end of our shoot. Patience & tolerence like that will get you far in parenthood, am I right guys?!