Whether you’re a first time mom or a fifth time mom, that precious baby is the center of your universe! You want the images captured of your little one to shine with perfection. And whether your photo session is scheduled the day after birth or three weeks after birth, your session can go smoothly and result in beautiful images that will last a lifetime. My approach to newborn photography is centered around capturing this priceless moment in your life. I won’t be focusing on props and unnatural poses, but more on you and your baby connecting in your environment. My philosophy is that the images captured should reflect the truth and the beauty of new life. Bottles drying by the sink, the lovingly decorated nursery, and your newborn cuddled up on your shoulder; these perfectly chaotic and sweet details shouldn’t be forgotten in the whirlwind of the first few weeks. The many images you’ll receive will paint a full picture of your life with your newborn.

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25-50 IMAGES






What should we wear?  

With newborns I suggest keeping it as simple as possible. Even if they are a big baby they aren't very big yet and can get swallowed up in their attire if they have on too much. Most sessions the baby is photographed with nothing but a diaper and a blanket wrapped around them so we don't distract from their faces but we will have enough time to change them throughout the session if there is an outfit you really want them to wear. As for parents and siblings I recommend that you wear something you love and feel great in! Especially new moms! Your family personality is the most important but also keep in mind you will be displaying these images in your home so stay away from clashing colors to your current decor. Also stay away from being overly matched with each other. Let your clothes reflect your personality and style while keeping in mind your interactions and family bond is the focus of the shoot.  

What if my baby won't stop crying? 

Let's still start the session and see if they calm down. Many times I will show up and the baby is crying but then calms down after a while. If we feel that the session is too difficult to do because they won't stop crying then we can reschedule for another day.  

Who should be included in the session? 

Your immediate family. Wild older siblings, mom and dad. The entire immediate family should be included.  

How long should I expect the session to last?  

Plan on up to two hours but sometimes it may be shorter. It also completely depends on your new baby.  

When should I feed the baby? 

Feed your baby right before the session so they are calm and not hungry, but I want you to feed your baby whenever your baby wants to be fed. If they are asleep we can still great amazing images in their element and will start with portraits of them alone or being held.  

What's the best location for the session? 

Your home <3