You feel like the day that your baby will arrive cannot get here soon enough and then, before you know it, your pregnancy experience is over.  How will you remember all of the miraculous little details?  Those fluttering kicks and tumbling rolls, the glow in your skin and the joy in your smile, the way everyone in your life looks at you in that special way.  A maternity portrait session is the perfect way to capture all of the wonder and preserve it forever.

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When is the best time I should be photographed?

Every pregnancy is different so the timing of your session will vary. Usually the best time to schedule your maternity session is between week 28 and week 34. We want you to be photographed with a big beautiful belly and to be comfortable throughout your session. Prepping for a new baby with having doctors visits, getting the nursery ready and getting plenty of rest can keep you quite busy. You will want to schedule your session as soon as you can.  If you are after 34 weeks you can still schedule your session and get beautiful photographs of this special time.

Where does the session take place?

My favorite locations are located all around us. We venture off into the desert to create the ultimate minimal look and focus on the most important subject, you. 

What should I wear to my session?

The clothes that you wear during your session will help determine how you feel during the shoot and about your photographs. When I photograph pregnant moms to be, I offer styling. I have an area of gowns in my home studio to really show off your beautiful form. Feel free to choose a few outfits that accentuate your beautiful body as well! Form fitting gowns or long flowing dresses are great choices of clothing. You can choose your favorite maternity outfit but solid colors work best. As far as specific colors, it is completely up to you, I always prefer to shoot mothers in white, beige, pink, green, or blue pastels. . As long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing, feeling confident and beautiful, then that is what matters.

Do you offer discounts?

Currently I am offering $50 off any maternity session when you rent one of the dresses from my "Gown Suggestions" list.

I booked my session, now what should I do?

Relax!  Take some time for yourself, go get your nails done, get your hair done or just take a nice hot bath! Being pregnant can be exhausting and it is important for you to take a few hours for yourself  to relax and feel fabulous!  Your photographs will look the best when the expectant mother is relaxed, confident and just feels beautiful.

Should my husband and children take part of the session too?

Absolutely!  This is an important time in your life as well as your family.  Capturing your family’s love and relationships in your photographs will be timeless and always cherished by everyone.

What should I expect after my session is complete?

After your session, I will go over when you can expect your online gallery for viewing and ordering prints. You will receive a link to your private online gallery with a password 3-4 weeks after the date of your session.  This is where you can view your images online, download any digital files and order any prints.  This online gallery will only be available to you for three weeks. After the three weeks your gallery will expire and you will no longer be able to order prints or digital files. Any items you purchase such as prints, digital files, press printed items or anything else, you should expect to receive them 2-3 weeks after your gallery has posted or from the date you ordered your items. There are so many different products that your photographer will have access to. You can display your photographs in so many ways; a gorgeous gallery-wrapped canvas of your favorite image is perfect. Or if you want something more personal or private,  you can get  an album. 

 What can I expect from you?

You can expect me to give you the best possible professional portrait experience you can have! I will always be available to you to answer any questions or if you need any advice on anything.  I want you to know I am here for you since this is all about you and your special time! If I do not get back to you right away, I will always try to return your call or email with in 24 hours.

Your session will be relaxed, laid back and not rushed. I will take some time in the beginning of the session to let you know how the session will go as far as posing and interacting with your significant other or children.  If there are children in the session with you, I will take some time to get to know them so they do not think of me as a stranger but as a friend.  Some children need a little more time to warm up to someone with a giant camera taking their picture.  I will not force them to do anything they do not want to do.  Any session that include children will always go smoother if children are allowed to be children. Their experience is just as important as yours and I want you to be relaxed and not worry about kids misbehaving. 

During your session I will do some posing so you do not have to wonder how to stand or where to put your hands. If your significant other or children are in the pictures with you, then I will have you  interact with each other. This allows me to capture real emotions and expressions.  It is the little moments between each other that makes a great image that you will end up loving forever. Besides it is all about having fun together and a great experience!