I was in a deep sleep when my phone woke my husband up from an incoming text. My husband insisted on me checking my phone but I brushed it off and told him my clients wouldn't text me because they all know to call me if they were in labor. Plus, I was on my fifth hour of sleep after a 26 hour birth and had no urge to check my phone over a text- but my husband was persistent. And I'm sure glad he was because it was a birth.

Doula Dianne texted me at 6:00am to see if I could drive to Del Webb for her client that hired a birth videographer but her videographer couldn't make it because she had a wedding to shoot that day. I also had a birth photographer not show up to my daughter's birth because she had a wedding to shoot that day. For this particular birth, the mother's husband, father of the baby, was on a trip & doing everything he could to make it to the birth. Of course I jumped out of bed.  To be fair to Dad and the contracted birth videographer, Mom went into labor at 36 weeks. Baby was coming when it was right for him.  

I arrived at Del Webb, not knowing how long I had and ran up to labor and delivery where I met Mom. For not knowing if her husband was going to make it, she was at complete ease. She was putting on a little bit of make-up and laughing with her birth team, Doula Dianne and her mother. 

Mom was texting her husband and got word that his plane landed and he was doing his best to rush to the hospital. Far all that was going on, I seemed to be the only one who was panicking inside. Little did I know Mom had been in a panic since she first noticed signs of early labor around 11pm the night before.  She encouraged her husband to take the trip and was really nervous about him cancelling the trip over what could potentially be nothing. Mom asked her husband what the earliest flight home was when she realized it was true labor, but inside she was still in denial. After a few hours and essential time with Doula Dianne and her mother, Mom came to terms that she couldn't control anything. If their baby boy came early everything would all work out. 

Mom was an inspiration. She trusted her body and as the more time that passed the more she believed that Dad would make it.

And he did make it. As soon as he got there she let go and the intensity started to really pick up. She was about to have her baby.  Her body and her baby were patient & as soon as they both realized all is well, they were ready to push. 

The room was filled with encouragement but Mom was still nervous. Their baby was making his grand entrance 4 weeks before the estimated due date. With no time to panic, Mom focused on her and her baby. 

One final moment to reflect on the last 36 weeks and one last push to birth their new baby boy.

Welcome to the world Brody. 

Little Brody latched like a champ. That was the moment Mom was finally able to breathe and really take in the beauty that just took place. Her husband made it. Her baby is healthy. All that was left was for big brother to meet little brother. 

Congrats on the birth of your beautiful boy <3 

Much love,