Their first home birth and my first time photographing a birth. We were all a bit unaware of what was about to happen. Two things we did know, I was going to show up & they were going to have a baby. We just had no idea how fast she was going to come.

Having had two births myself, I knew how important these images were & what they would want captured. I did my research and did my best at practicing indoor photography with harsh lighting, something completely different than the golden hour I am used to. The due date passed and the days awaiting this little girl had me feeling like I was the one carrying her, anxious and impatient. Being my first birth and I knew I had to keep my phone on loud all day and night, my camera batteries fully charged, and my memory cards empty. However, I had no idea about the thrill I would feel when I would receive that call at 4:30am in the morning on Saturday April 23rd.

Thankfully I live 4 miles from this family because I arrived at 4:50am & Kinley Grace made her arrival at 5:19am. Mama knew she was coming and embraced her duty of birthing this child with (just like her new daughter's middle name) grace. So calm and serene were the moments before her first breath. A beautiful newborn cry was let out as soon as the talented midwife caught her. 

Another healthy baby girl with a full head of hair & set of lungs was just what this family wanted & just what they got. Congrats to all!