I'm due in less than 4 weeks. FOUR weeks. That's 4 weeks left of only having two earthside babies and 4 weeks left of feeling like this kid is going to claw it's way out of me. 

Allow me a minute to cry over... everything. 

One thing I no longer have to shed some tears over is the fact that my labor playlist is done. And done in good timing as yesterday's shenanigans of going into prodromal labor. I often see friends and other mommies-to-be that they are need of music to play during their birth so I cracked my own whip and went digging to create the most beautiful birth and labor playlist of all time. Some songs are hand picked by me, others are plucked from the births I have been fortunante enough to attend. 

So pack your mini speakers in your hospital bag, charge your batteries and get ready to be in sync with your baby, birth partner, and body as you're about to take the best ride of your life.