I woke up to the sound of my ringtone blaring in my ear. This is the first time that I've been woken up for a birth since October so I was extremely well rested, prepared, and eager to do 90 on a 65. At 8:10am I got in my car and by 8:30 I arrived to a beautiful brick home with children playing outfront. This birth was not of my own client but another birth photographer/doula's client that was in need of backup. Without too much knowledge on what was expected to be shot, and most importantly not to be shot, I went to work. I snuck in quietly and whispered "Hi, I'm Katie." We exchanged smiles and she went right back into contracting. The room was dark and the sounds were soft. Mom was supported by her husband, midwife, and myself with breathing mantras, gentle touches, and then some pressure releasing touches for some instant relief. From the birth ball, to the bathroom, to the birth tub, this mama was patient and kind in allowing her body and baby work together in finding the perfect time to come earthside.  

Happy Birthday Tiger Babe Brooker Fisher

Midwife: Marinah Farrell, Certified Licensed Professional Midwife

Photographer/Doula: Katie Mathis Photography, Birth Photographer