I haven't witnessed a mother hit so many walls while trying to have her dream labor. I first met her and her husband in Doula Dianne's childbirth class. They were planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) & wanted nothing but a vaginal birth.

After hearing so many negative things about their current provider they decided on switching- at 40 weeks and 1 day. Five hours after they had their appointment with their new provider, Mama's water broke. They decided to labor at home until 1am and then make the 45 minute drive to their new hospital for the birth of their surprise gender baby. 

Night turned to day and nothing was consistent. Once the sun was high (and their doula was out of the room) the on-call doctor came in and told them about the "24 hour time constraint" then added "I could just take you back right now!" (as in to have a cesarean.) Baffled, they texted their doula to come back up. After talking about the situation at hand they decided that some type of augmentation of labor was necessary to speed up the process of meeting their baby. They called the nurse who then came in and told them that the on-call doctor is required to be at the hospital for a VBAC. Seemed simple enough, but the on-call doctor had some out of hospital consultations to attend to that day.  They had a midwife but she was not to override the on-call doctor's request. The Foley bulb was the next best option and they went ahead with it around noon. 

This duo needed some time alone to regroup and recover from this now 16-hour labor. They deserved a break to love and lean on each other.

Doula Dianne & I came back from getting a little bite and noticed the room go dark. Storm clouds were moving in and we all know what storms bring- babies! A little bit of hope flooded the room as the rain started to pour. 

After the doctor became available, they started the drip extra slow, only going up every 30 minutes. Mama spent a little less than two hours on Pitocin and they turned it off because her contractions were steady and intense. The 24-hour mark passed and there was no fever present, no cause for the 24-hour time constraint, and Mama was good to keep trying for her VBAC. At the 25-hour mark of labor, Mama got the urge and knew it was time to push. 

At 9:34pm, Mama connected with her baby and together they worked at finally meeting face to face. Mama gave one last push and Dad reached down to catch his baby and cried "It's a girl!" 

She did it, she had her baby. She had her VBAC- not exactly as she had thought she would have, but her determination brought her baby girl out just as she and her supportive birth team knew she could.   

Congratulations to all. Your baby girl is a beautiful addition to your family <3