8:25am I received a text from Mama that said she was more than positive this was the start of labor with contractions at 30 minutes apart. She told me shed give me a call if they progress. She kept me informed but around noon she told me she is either getting used to them or they’ve subsided. 

8:41pm I received a call from Mama that her contractions were about 6 minutes apart. She just wanted to give me a heads up but did not want to rush because she was handling them fairly well and still had to spend some quality time with her daughter before she is no longer a single child, drop her off at the in-laws, and get all checked in through triage. We ended the call with a contraction and after hearing how intense they were I decided it was best to get my childcare to my house STAT. 

9:16pm she texted me telling me that she definitely didn’t stay at her in-laws and was heading to the hospital to get her epidural. My childcare was headed to my house and so I threw everything in my car and as soon as I could leave bolted to the hospital. A 40 minute drive turned into a 30 minute drive when her husband updated me that they couldn’t give her an epidural and were prepping her for delivery. 

GUYS. I have never missed a birth. My heart sank. My stomach did flips. I panicked for all of 37 seconds till I realized that this beautiful baby boy is doing just what he needs to do and will come when he is ready, and that is all that matters. 

10:32pm. I left everything in the car except my keys and camera. My arrival was straight out of the movies. I parked my car with only my camera and keys in hand and the doors practically swung open for me as I bolted to labor and delivery. I ran to her room to the sound of the staff applauding my arrival while I could hear Mama pushing (this may be a complete over exaggeration). I caught my breath and went to town shooting some of my FAVORITE images to date. 

Theodore was born 4 minutes after I walked in the room and was caught by his mother and father then laid directly onto his mother’s chest for the most beautiful golden hour I've ever witnessed. The room overflowed with oxytocin as Mama cried tears of joy and spoke sweet words to her new baby. 

“We did it baby!”

“I can’t believe I did it!”

“Mama’s got you Teddy. Mama's got you’

Mama discovered her inner warrior on this night. Read all about her perspective here.

Birth Photographer: Katie Mathis Photography

Midwife: Mallorie, Valley Women For Women

Birth Location: Hospital, Mercy Gilbert