From the wise man Howard Mudd (my husband's former offensive line coach): 

"Do a few things and do them extraordinarily well."

After years of obsessing over the beauty of birth & my passion for photography I have finally found my perfect niche, birth photography. The anticipation. The support. The love. The high

Both of my births were documented (first birth pictures below.) The first our dear friends came over and photographed and filmed every minute and couldn't be more thankful they did! Our second birth we were actually proactive in hiring someone but the one day she couldn't come was the one day our babe decided to make her grand entrance. I ended up setting up my camera on the bathroom counter and using a shutter release remote from target to get one image before I was 6 centimeters. I don't want either of these to happen to me again (if there's another 😬) but I do want to use my talent to help those who feel the same way about the beauty of birth. 

Every birth I capture I want to help rerelease those same chemicals my clients felt on their birthing day. I want my clients to be taken back to the first time they heard that cry, the first time they looked into their baby's eyes, and the first time they smelled that newborn breath.