When I get the opportunity to meet and speak to a bundle of women that appreciate and are interested in homebirth, I take advantage of it. I respect all births, but homebirth is what is right for me, so when others feel the same I love to indulge myself in conversation. 

So when Midwife Jetta Anderson and I first saw the movie at a local screening, we talked about the opportunity to host one of these ourselves. So off we went to plan. It was a lovely Arizona evening that couldn't have resulted in more technical difficulties if I tried. Thankfully, we finally got it running with the help of both of our husbands. The film was amazing and opened many eyes to the beauty of having or supporting a homebirth. 

When we hosted last month, you could only watch the film at a private screening. Today I learned that everyone is now able to view this film in the comfort of their own home! Yes! You can buy the digital copy for $22.99!