I’m going to be honest with y’all. I’ve been hiding in Tennessee.


We announced on Facebook that we were moving to Tennessee 7 months ago, right before I stepped down from all social media platforms. I kept my accounts but deleted the apps from my phone to avoid usage. I haven’t posted, shared, liked, or commented in 7 months and DAMN it felt good to breathe a little.

And then last week I found myself missing photography.


So I got out my D750 and started shooting. I want to create art, and as far as an outlet goes, doing crafts with the kids isn’t cutting it. I’ve got this drive to tell stories and sometimes that’s through pictures and other times it’s just words. That’s why today I posted on instagram.

I am sad to announce that my entrance back into business does not include birth photography. While my passion is birth, I’m not ready to pursue birth work as a birth photographer and Doula. The uncertainty of a schedule makes it hard for me to commit to it just yet. I miss shooting births more than anything, but today is not that day that I decide to sail that ship again. I am ready to create art while documenting stories. I want to tell tales again.

With that, Welcome. I hope to share only moving images and keep y’all up to date on what brings me and my family joy.