I am passionate about light, life, love, and all there is still to learn. I love breezy days, rainy days, cloud filled sky days, cloudless sky days. I could live without a few of these 117 degree days but  I've learned to love those too. I o-o-h and a-h-h over colorful succulents, captivating sunsets, and monstrous waves. I have two crazy kiddos and two fur babies that destroy my studio while I edit for hours on end. 

Art is my passion.  I have learned to express myself in many forms drawing, painting, design and mixed media, however my desire for photography; to capture life, has always been my number one love.

Capturing life- this is what I strive for.  I have experienced a major change of direction in my business. At the end of April in 2016 I changed directions in my photography and  switched my art focus to the miracle of birth. 

There is something so amazing about being able to look at an image and remember all the emotions you carried and still carry from that day. My whole heart desires to capture those raw moments for my clients in all their glory. No matter how you have your baby, if you have your baby or someone else does, I want to photograph & film your first moment locking eyes on your precious gift.  


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