Day In The Life Session

The days are long but the years are short, am I right? As life is whizzing past us, it’s easy to forget all the tiny moments: holding hands as you cross the street, making coffee with half-open eyes and babies on your hip, cuddling pets, quiet moments of nursing our babies, kissing ouchies and wiping tears. All of these are the tiny, precious threads that make up the tapestry of our life; and these secret, special details of our life are exactly what we miss after the years have flown by.

That’s why the Day in the Life Sessions are so magical. They will transform your everyday details into art that you can keep forever. Posed portraits are beautiful, but what we often miss in them is the human nature of our families: sisters hugging, pillow forts, rough housing, cartwheels in the backyard, stolen kisses from your partner, pouty lips from pouty toddlers, chasing the dog. All of these moments on their own are just the background noise of your day, but in the Day of the Life Session I can capture the story of your life during this season.

So how does this work, you ask? I will join you for just a day; typically 6 hours, but we can go wherever you want and you can do whatever you usually do.

If you are worried about being uncomfortable having a camera follow you, please don’t be. Your job is to come as you are, my job is to blend into your scene. We will chat and be friendly, but mostly you can just carry on with your day as usual with me in the background. I want to see tears and laughter, hugs and kisses, silliness and nap times. I want to see everything YOU see in your beautiful everyday life, so that I can help capture it for you to keep forever. I’ve got my own kids and animals, so I can fold into just about any environment with complete comfort.